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Welcome to Vi Balteum's Point of Sales page! Here, you can discover the various locations where you can find our exclusive products. We are proud to partner with select retailers who share our commitment to quality, style, and elegance. Explore our trusted points of sale below and find the nearest location to experience Vi Balteum in person.

Androesja Groningen 

Location: Brugstraat 7, 9712 AA Groningen
About the Store: Androesja is a charming boutique located in the heart of Groningen, known for its curated selection of unique and high-quality fashion items. The store perfectly aligns with our values of elegance and sophistication, making it the ideal place to showcase The Lush Hanger.
Available Products: The Lush Hanger
Special Notes: Visit Androesja to experience The Lush Hanger in person and explore their exquisite collection of fashion and accessories.